Why Do Goldendoodles Pee When Excited? Understanding This Common Behavior

One common behavior that many Goldendoodle owners may have noticed is that their furry friends tend to pee when they get excited. While this behavior may seem odd or embarrassing, it is actually quite common among many dog breeds, including Goldendoodles.

In this article, we will explain the reasons behind why Goldendoodles pee when excited and what you can do to manage this behavior.

Understanding Goldendoodles’ Urinary Tract

The Anatomy of Goldendoodles’ Urinary Tract

Goldendoodles have a urinary tract that consists of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. The kidneys filter the blood and produce urine, which then flows through the ureters and into the bladder. The bladder is a muscular organ that stores urine until it is ready to be expelled through the urethra. The urethra is a tube that carries urine out of the body.

The Function of Goldendoodles’ Urinary Tract

The function of Goldendoodles’ urinary tract is to eliminate waste and excess fluids from the body. When a Goldendoodle gets excited, their muscles can contract, including the muscles in their bladder. This can cause them to involuntarily release urine, which is known as excitement urination.

Excitement urination is more common in puppies and young dogs, as their muscles are not fully developed yet. Additionally, Goldendoodles may also experience submissive urination, which is a reaction to fear or anxiety. In this case, the dog may release urine as a way of showing submission2 to a more dominant individual.

To prevent excitement or submissive urination, it is important to avoid overstimulating the dog and to provide plenty of positive reinforcement and training. It is also important to ensure that the dog has regular opportunities to go outside and eliminate.

In some cases, frequent urination can be a sign of a medical issue, such as a urinary tract infection or diabetes. If a Goldendoodle is experiencing excessive urination or other symptoms, it is important to consult with a veterinarian to determine the underlying cause and appropriate treatment.

The Link Between Excitement and Urination

Why Do Goldendoodles Pee When Excited

Goldendoodles are known for their friendly and excitable nature. Though some Goldendoodle owners might have noticed that their dogs have a tendency to urinate when they become extremely excited. Young dogs frequently engage in this behavior, which is referred to as excitement urinating.

The Science Behind Excitement Urination

Excitement urination is an involuntary response that occurs when a dog gets overly excited or anxious. When a dog becomes excited, their body releases adrenaline, which triggers their bladder muscles to contract and release urine. This response is more common in young dogs who have not yet developed full bladder control.

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Factors That Trigger Excitement Urination

There are several factors that can trigger excitement urination in Goldendoodles. Some of these factors include:

  • Lack of bladder control: Young puppies may not have full bladder control, which can cause them to pee when they get excited.
  • Social dominance: Dogs may urinate submissively when they perceive someone as socially dominant. This can happen when their owner approaches them or when they are being punished.
  • Anxiety and fear: Dogs that are anxious or fearful may also exhibit excitement urination. This is because their body releases adrenaline in response to the perceived threat, which triggers their bladder muscles to contract.

To minimize excitement urination in Goldendoodles, it is important to avoid direct eye contact and loud, sudden movements when approaching them. Building their confidence through positive reinforcement training can also help reduce their anxiety and fear levels. Additionally, taking them outside to pee before exciting activities can help ensure that their bladder is empty.

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Managing Excitement Peeing

Goldendoodles are known for their playful and excitable nature, but sometimes this can lead to excitement peeing. This is a common issue among young dogs that may not have full bladder control or feel anxious or scared. However, there are several ways to manage excitement peeing in Goldendoodles.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Positive reinforcement training is a great way to build your Goldendoodle’s confidence and help them control their bladder. This type of training involves rewarding your dog for good behavior and ignoring bad behavior. You can teach your dog simple commands like sit, stay, and come, and reward them with treats or praise when they follow through. This will help them feel more confident and less anxious, reducing the likelihood of excitement peeing.

Regular Exercise and Playtime

Regular exercise and playtime are essential for Goldendoodles to release their excess energy and reduce their anxiety levels. You can take your dog for a walk, play fetch, or take them to the dog park. This will help them burn off their energy and feel more relaxed, reducing the likelihood of excitement peeing.

Medical Treatment

If your Goldendoodle continues to experience excitement peeing despite positive reinforcement training and regular exercise, it may be a medical issue. In some cases, excitement peeing can be a symptom of a urinary tract infection or bladder issue. If you suspect this may be the case, it’s important to take your dog to the vet for a check-up.

In conclusion, managing excitement peeing in Goldendoodles can be achieved through positive reinforcement training, regular exercise and playtime, and medical treatment if necessary. By following these steps, you can help your Goldendoodle feel more confident and relaxed, reducing the likelihood of excitement peeing.


In conclusion, Goldendoodles are prone to peeing when they are excited, anxious, or scared. This behavior is common in both male and female Goldendoodles, especially when they are puppies. It is crucial to understand that this behavior is not an indication of disobedience or lack of training.

There are several ways to address this behavior in Goldendoodles. One effective method is to build their confidence by teaching them simple commands like sit, stay, and come. Rewarding them after each successful command can help them feel more confident and less submissive.

Another way to address this behavior is to avoid making direct eye contact with the Goldendoodle and to bend down to their level when petting them. This can make them feel less threatened and more at ease. Giving them a well-known command, like sit, can also assist to calm them down and teach them how to respond confidently to their owner.

It is important to note that punishment or scolding is not an effective way to address submissive urination in Goldendoodles. This can actually make the behavior worse and damage the bond between the owner and the dog. Instead, it is important to be patient, understanding, and consistent in addressing this behavior.

Overall, with patience, training, and positive reinforcement, it is possible to address the issue of peeing when excited in Goldendoodles. By understanding the underlying causes of this behavior and addressing them in a positive and consistent manner, owners can help their Goldendoodles feel more confident and less submissive.

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